Email Marketing Automation Mistakes

Posted April 22, 2019

Automation came to make your life easier and your email marketing more effective, but it doesn’t make you foolproof. Chances are, you’re guilty of making one of these 12 marketing mistakes. Keep reading to find out more.

Blunder #1: You’re spamming your email list.

When automation makes sending emails so easy, it is tempting to keep sending email updates. But remember: everybody hates spammers, and continuous, irrelevant emails, will dilute your brand image until all of your contacts unsubscribe.

Blunder #2: You’re starting to become a robot.

Your customers are human. You are human (or at least, we would hope so!). Why are you writing like a machine? The average click-through rates for personalized emails are 2.5x higher than non-personalized emails. Email automation can cut your time on process, but you could use some of that time to write human, empathetic personalized messages, in which your unique personality and brand voice can shine through.

Blunder #3: You’re focusing on the wrong data.

Vanity metrics can give you an ego boost, but you need to figure out which of those metrics are actually useful and relevant to your brand. Is it open rates? How about click-through rates? Conversions? Unsubscribers? Look at your metrics realistically and don’t get complacent.

Blunder #4: You’re not testing.

If you’re not testing constantly, it is impossible to know if your strategy is working. Put your ideas to the test constantly to figure out which ones are the best performing. Ideas on what variations to test are:

  • Subject lines
  • Call-to-action
  • Landing pages
  • Device compatibility

Use A/B testing integrations to make your life easier.

Blunder #5: You’re not making the most of your customer data.

Brands like Netflix and Spotify, among others, have used the treasure trove of customer data they gather to rise to the top. And you can do that, too! Take your time to organize your information, segment it and utilize it to its full potential, to create a personalized, effective email marketing strategy.

Blunder #6: You’re not getting your money’s worth.

You’re probably paying too much for an automation software that supposedly “does it all”. Chances are, your fancy, expensive software does it all, but it doesn’t do it particularly well. It is a more intelligent idea to use an unbundled marketing automation software that integrates the best applications into a single platform, and only pay for what you actually use.

Blunder #7: You didn’t value your existing customers.

There’s no denying it: getting new customers is important for any business. But don’t lose sight of your existing customers! Retaining them and converting them into brand-loyalists is even more important than acquiring new leads. Retaining your existing customers can be as easy as setting up automated journeys that nurture, retain, and connect with them. Don’t forget to use your customer feedback to improve your product and customize your content.

Blunder #8: You bought your email list.

Buying an extensive email list can seem like a great idea to get started, but most likely, it is not. Chances are, the people on that email list won’t be happy to hear from you, won’t interact, and won’t convert into customers and brand-loyalists. Don’t waste your time – and your money – in a strategy that will provide you with zero long-term growth. Instead, choose an inbound marketing strategy supported by strong content. Organic customers are more likely to buy from you, and more receptive to lifecycle lead nurturing. It might seem slower, but it’s more effective and sustainable.

Blunder #9: You’re not segmenting your audience.

When you’re starting out, it’s a good idea to send some general email campaigns to your entire email list. But once you’ve gathered some info, it’s a lot more effective to segment your customers based on demographic data and past behaviors.

Some good ideas:

  • Segment your customers based on the content they click on most often, so you can send them more similar content.
  • Create an “abandoned cart” segment, so you can email them to remind them of the items they left behind.
  • Reach out to website visitors who check-out an item multiple times, since they are most likely to buy after an email reminder.

Blunder #10: You’re leaving your Sales Team behind.

Automation can’t do everything. There are certain processes that still need the “human touch”. Your sales team is an essential part of your marketing funnel, and you should get them involved as much as you can, with collaboration features like Annotate and Collaborate. They can give you extremely valuable input into the bottom of the funnel, including follow-up procedures, turnaround times, suggested messaging frequency, and more.

Blunder #11: You’re only automating emails.

Take advantage of the wonderful world of automation, and automate other parts of your customer’s journey, from the moment they land on your website until they buy and afterward when they become brand-loyalists.

Blunder #12: You’re not automating at all.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re already automating some of your processes. But maybe you’re not, and you’re definitely missing out! Your customers are spread across multiple channels and apps, and keeping up with them can become a fulltime job. With automation, you’ll have more time and capability to drive conversions and maximize your business’ ROI.

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