Ask customers to opt-in to your emails when they make a purchase

Posted August 22, 2019

If you’re an e-commerce business, the primary function of your website is to sell products. The customers know this, and in all likelihood, if they are on your website, they are looking for something to buy. But they also have many other websites from which they can buy, not to mention offline stores, and the bulk of their day spent on non-buyer activities. 

You want to find ways to speak to them directly, not only when they seek you out. And many times, the customers should want that too. You are able to communicate special offers, whether personalized or general promotions, new products releases, re-stocking, and much more. But you can’t just expect customers to ‘Subscribe to your newsletter’. You need to ask the customer if they’d like to opt-in to your newsletter on the checkout page. 

Here is an example from Lancome’s checkout page. 

Beyond earning the privilege to speak to your customers directly in their inbox, you also get the right to know a lot more about these customers. Email marketing automation platform Klaviyo (where we are a Master Partner) offers activity tracking for customers for which you have their email address on record. 

Two key types of tracking you can unlock include:

  • Active on Site: This metric is tracked whenever an identifiable browser visits your website.
  • Viewed Product: This metric is tracked whenever an identifiable browser views a product page on your website.

Here’s what your customer’s record would look like on Klaviyo if you have enabled web tracking and have a customer’s email address on record:

That is e-commerce marketing gold. 

You can now:

  1. Send ‘Browse Abandonment’ emails to a customer that has checked out a product several times without buying it and offering help with the purchase or a special, limited time discount. 
  2. Send ‘Price Drop’ emails for a product the have been looking at but not yet purchased when there is a price drop
  3. Segment a newsletter based on customers who have been ‘Active on Site’ recently 
  4. Segment your most loyal customers based on ‘Purchases’ + ‘Activity on Site’ 

If you want to stop leaving money on the table and work with an email marketing partner that’s made millions of dollars through marketing alone for its clients, get in touch.

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