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XO Insights 

XO Ecosystems

The team at XO includes digital marketing engineers who follow the XO digital ecosystem process. This has been tried and tested across multiple industry verticals and clients ranging from small startups to multinational corporations. XO doesn’t JUST run your ads, and we don’t simply optimize your organic search appearance to develop your content strategy. The unique XO holistic approach achieves an economy of scale that significantly reduces your Cost of Customer Acquisition while increasing the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) progressively over time.

How do we get all that done?

The XO was founded on the belief that a fragmented marketing strategy is a waste of resources and opportunities. We believe in managing an entire digital ecosystem for each our clients to deliver only the most results while significantly reducing the chances and consequences of error. Every client goes through a comprehensive audit of their current digital environment, customer acquisition process, sales process and competitor & market analysis. We can then implement a fully customized approach to the creation of awareness, intent, conversion and loyalty. That sequential objective is exactly what the XO Ecosystem is built to accomplish.  

At the center of any digital ecosystems is an analytics implementation that covers all of the managed properties and across all platforms (i.e.; website, social media, email marketing, advertisements, etc.) and an analytics dashboard that informs every optimization and scaling attempt. The XO then proceeds to the building of an extensive awareness ecosystem that, again, spans social media (backed by XO social discovery technology), community forums, ad campaigns, and content marketing for SEO and technical SEO implementation.

Every initial awareness phase is also a massive A/B testing playground where the XO is able to analyze engagement and conversion events stemming from awareness triggers of high variance (within your branded channels). We can then carefully calculate conversion triggers with A/B testing. Ecosystems then become like a living organism in that we keep learning from an optimal target audience (one which is sometimes vastly different from an assumed original target audience). Information gained can feed more highly targeted live chats, webinars, email campaigns, retargeting campaigns and vast number of other conversion channels.

That wealth of data collection, acquired and applied by the XO, can then be combined with a sound content strategy and event based automation, that leads to higher brand loyalty and market leading Customer Lifetime Values (CLVs).

Want to find out more about how the XO ecosystem will build your business?