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Does your e-commerce website have people that visit but don't buy? We want to help you end that.
XO's email drip marketing is low-risk solution for businesses that have small budgets and want immediate results. We offer a performance-based option, no long-term contracts, reimbursable setup cost, and the option to receive back what we get paid as an investment in your company! That's how confident we are that our approach in email drip marketing will be your quickest and easiest win in growing your business.

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Personalized emails that drive sales from first-time and return customers

Put simply, drip email marketing is all about giving people the right information at the right time. If someone just subscribed to your blog newsletter, for example, a drip campaign could send a welcome email right away, and two days later, an email that shows off some of your most-read content. Or if a potential customer has been hovering around your "new winter shoe collection" page for a few weeks but hasn’t yet pulled the trigger, a drip campaign could send them an email with three reasons to purchase those shoes.

Drip email marketing helps you get more customers and increase their lifetime spent.

1. Move leads through the sales funnel and convert them to customers.
2. Retain your existing customers by increasing their loyalty.
3. Acquire new customers by converting loyal customers into brand advocates.


No Purchase in Predefined Interval
Abandoned Cart
Frequent Buyer
Customer Special Events
Gender Based Paths
Customer Life Cycle

A practical example from one one of the companies in our eCommerce family

SBE is a multi-national hospitality company operating more than 50 venues worldwide.

XO created a data collection infrastructure that aggregated data from all of the group's online and offline properties into a central database. Using that data, XO executed segmented email campaigns targeting behavioral data from users already in the database. That behavioral data could include:
(1) Actions such as having made a certain type of transaction in the past or having engaged with the brand's communications over x types in a certain period
(2) Passive actions such as having a birthday coming up
(3) Passive inactions such as not having engaged with the brand either through a transaction or presence at one of their venues in x weeks

The email campaigns were predominantly used to target customers for e-commerce ticket sales for ticketed events such as artist performances, seasonal events (e.g. Halloween, NYE, Miami Music Week) or celebration packages (e.g. Birthday, Bachelor(ette) in Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas.

Through the use of XO's strategy and data-based execution, the weighted average ROI on the allocated marketing budget for email marketing, was 6.7x over the past 25 months.