Make [more] money [faster]

Drip emails have higher open, click & conversion rates than newsletters.

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Automated emails are a true revenue generating powerhouse once you put them to work.

Drip emails have a 165% higher open rates, 1558% higher conversion rates and 1361% higher revenue per recipient.

Drip email marketing helps you get more customers and increase their lifetime spent.

1. Move leads through the sales funnel and convert them to customers.
2. Retain your existing customers by increasing their loyalty.
3. Acquire new customers by converting loyal customers into brand advocates.

A practical example from one of the companies in our eCommerce family

SBE is a multi-national hospitality company operating more than 50 venues worldwide.

XO created a data collection infrastructure that aggregated data from all of the group's online and offline properties into a central database. Using that data, XO executed segmented email campaigns targeting behavioral data from users already in the database. That behavioral data could include:
(1) Engagement level with the brand, either through purchases, venue visits or email activity
(2) Anniversaries such as an upcoming birthday
(3) Location

The weighted average ROI on the allocated marketing budget for email marketing was 6.7x over the past 25 months.