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Your customers give you dozens of opportunities every day to increase revenue, loyalty and advocacy. Don't let those slip away. Our team will build a system for you that identifies and acts on every single opportunity, driving more sales and a higher customer lifetime value.

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Customer triggers that activate personalized emails.

Your triggers can range from what pages your customers clicked, what they’ve bought, what products they browse frequently, what emails they’ve opened, their birthdays and much more. We in turn, convert these triggers into personalized email marketing opportunities so all your messages hit home.

Ongoing, Engaging Content to Maximize Lifetime Customer Value

Our experience draws from managing digital marketing across the board for startups, SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of size or stage, the common denominator remained in the mission to craft attention grabbing, engagement inducing content that is customized to each customer segment.

Browse Abandonment Flow

Send personalized emails to customers when they browse products to increase the probability of conversion.

New Subscriber Flow

Welcome new subscribers with a series of conditional emails that help nurture potential customers from interest to purchase.

Cart Abandonment Flow

Customers can abandon a cart for at least 14 reasons that can be mitigated with a personalized email that closes the deal.

Welcome Series Flow

Welcome new customers after they've made their first purchase with a series of personalized emails that nurture them to their next purchase and towards advocating for your brand.

Feedback Request Flow

Customer reviews are a great way to increase sales. Personalized emails that trigger upon purchases or other brand interactions are a great way to scale your brand's total reviews. They also represent a great way to mitigate bad experiences before they turn into negative word of mouth

Cross Sell

Create a purchase-triggered buyer journey that cross-sells items based on your customer's personality and past purchases.


A loyal customer is a valuable commodity. Turn their loyalty into advocacy.


Triggers don't always have to be reactive. They can also be pro-active. Send personalized emails that mitigate customers going on to try different products when they run out of yours or to shorten your replenishment cycles.


Customers may stop purchasing from you for a number of reasons, some of which you can't repair. But even a 10% win-back of previously defined 'lost customers' is a major win.