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How to Set Up Forward To A Friend (FTAF) To Enable Your Email Subscribers Share Your Messages

Posted October 1, 2019

If you have an event your company is hosting or an upcoming sale and you want to share the information with as many people as possible. A good way to this would be to share the information with your subscribers and then enable them to share it with their contacts as well. This is possible through the ClickDimensions marketing software, which enables your email subscribers to share your messages with their own contacts.

It’s great to have friends – and friends of friends.

There are many methods to do this, but I will show you one of the simpler methods to do this in ClickDimensions. To get started, you’ll need a landing page built with a good freestyle landing page editor and an email built into the ClickDimensions freestyle email editor. You can also get a subscription page, but that’s optional.

Let’s go through the steps of the set-up:

1. Create the Email – I used the ClickDimensions drag and drop email editor to create the email, so as to take advantage of the inherent formatting features. Then, added the share link in the content area, just above the footer. I needed a freestyle version of the email, so I can access the source codes for the email. So, I went ahead to clone the email send record and edited the Type field to freestyle. This enables me to access the email source codes in the next two steps.

2. Build a Landing Page – I needed to include a static version of the email that anyone can access but without any contact info in it or any person’s specific email address. This is why I’m creating a web version of email from the freestyle.

This is how I will do it; firstly, I’ll copy all the source code by going to my freestyle email send, then open the editor and select the Source button.

Afterwards, I go over to Settings > Web content, and create the new freestyle landing page. After saving the record, I’ll select the Source button by clicking the Design button. In the Source area, I’ll paste the source code I copied previously from my freestyle email. This is a mirror copy of what’s in my email.

Moving forward, there is a link that says “Share this email with a friend” in step 1. Now, this won’t make any sense to the individual that receives the forwarded email. So, I’ll need to make some changes to my web version. The link the forwarded individual receives should be able to encourage them to subscribe to our email messages. I can do this by linking it to my subscription page. You can use your usual subscription pages or create a special subscription page just like I did.

In addition, you can remove the unsubscribe link button, as this is a landing page. After saving the landing page, I’ll click on the Embed button, and copy the embed URL as a link. I’ll use this in the next step.

3. Adding the Mailto Link – Since I’ve already set up a customized web version of my email, I’ll now go back to the freestyle version to change the forwarding link. I’ll search for the Share link by clicking on the Source button of the email. Then in the <a> tag that comes before the Share text, I’ll change what’s in the href attribute.

I left the recipient’s email part blank and only added the subject and body of the email in the mailto link. I then save the editor and that’s it.

These simple 3 steps are all you need to properly set up the Forward to a Friend option for your email subscribers. It’s a great way to build your brand and get more people to subscribe.

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