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Chronicles of Drip Marketing: Cory’s Birthday Surprise

The following is part of a fictional series centered around drip marketing. Names, characters, brands, places & incidents are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or deceased, is entirely coincidental. It was a week before Cory’s birthday. He had just sat down for an iced coffee at his favorite coffee spot […]

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100+1 Email Marketing Hacks

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to consistently engage customers and prospects. For every dollar spent on email marketing, brands generate nearly $41 in sales, which outperforms mobile marketing ($10.51 per dollar spent), social media ($12.71), display advertising ($19.72), and search engine marketing ($22.24).  A. INCREASE YOUR SUBSCRIBER NUMBERS Ask […]

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[Infographic] 6 eCommerce Email Marketing Metrics To Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Email marketing is a vital part of any eCommerce marketing strategy. But, is the time and effort you’re putting into to creating and deploying campaigns paying off? Tracking specific email marketing metrics is a must in order to measure campaign performance and ensure that your hard work isn’t in vain. How to Determine Which Metrics […]

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Drip Email A/B Testing: Tips & Best Practices

Setting up drip email marketing is only half the battle. Just like your business and your customers are constantly changing, and so should your drip email marketing strategy. Including A/B testing as part of your drip email marketing strategy can help you to learn about the preferences of your subscribers, and ultimately optimize conversions. Drip […]

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